Friday, 26 October 2012

Dreams Are Growing...

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent,the Most Merciful
I have no strength but the strength given by Allah.

Alice Hoffman in her fascinating Green Heart told me this:

" What you dream, you can grow"

"What you look,you may find"

"What you see, you can understand"

Its sounds like a spell for the hearts that is still searching.
The searcher. The dream catcher.

Whether we people realise it or not,
Making dreams into reality is much more harder than to create dreams.
Creating dreams is everybody's right. Dreams have no limit. Dreams lead to aims.
Dreams are always sweet. Dreams seem so close to catch yet so far away to turn it into reality.

I'd wish all my dreams could be true. If and only if...

Somebody told me this
"Dream big, think big,aim high"
"Dream high. Don't be afraid of heights. At least if we fall once,we'd tried our very best"
A success is always started with a dream.
Thanks Allah, I've my nights so that I'd spend my soul creating dreams before I wake in the next morning to learn that it's not that easy to turn them into reality. 

So far, I'd been too many dreaming. Be it in daytime,be it in nights.

I'd be afraid if I'm trapped in my own dreams.
 I'd be afraid if my wish didn't come true.
I'd be afraid if I fall into despairness.
I'd be afraid if I couldn't find those silver linings behind every cloud.

I'm just too afraid because I don't know where the destiny's gonna take me to.
I'm just too timid to admit that I am scared of unsure tomorrow.
Dear Allah, I'm weak.

In a real life,despairness may come sometimes.
I'd been came across it for times,
Along this 18 years of  journey,
Yeah! It'd been bitter and hard and so painstakingly
Until I learnt that He'll never leave me behind.

He taught me never to loose hope, 
Though it seems to be the end of the world,
Though it seems that you're gonna break apart,
Though tomorrow never promise something so sure about.

Keep going. Keep walking. Keep searching.

It's a real life, buddy!
No magic. No fairytales. No elves. No witch nor wizards.
All that we have is
Dreams to be true,
Hopes to keep alive,
Efforts to win by the end of this journey,
Du'a to show dependence on Him,
Surrender to Him after we tried out our very best,
And wish that miracles could happen,
Because within Allah's will,
Nothing is impossible.

Love is an act of will. Love your dreams. But don't ever dream your love till it's halal for you ^__^ !!!

Some people said
The sky is the limit,
But if you trust yourself,
And have faith in Allah,
You can go beyond that.

So, to all 2012 and 2013 STPM candidates, I wish you:
Bittaufiq wannajah!
Try your very best,
Let Allah do the rest.
Keep your dreams alive.
I'd like to see, future Islam and nation builders,
and I hope they're you!

To my Eagles:
Fly high, Fly everywhere,
Bring along my du'a and wishes,
May Allah bless you all life long,
Be thankful to Him,
Cuz He has granted you, something BIG!
Please pray that one day I'll be there too,
Please notice that,
I really miss you!

To my sister, I'd tell you:
Dreams are to be true,
All you need is just time,
and soon enough, you'll walk your way.
Ask from Him, with patience and faith.

To my mother:
Thanks for some courages
That sometimes are rarely detected by words,
But I can see it in your actions,
Because it spoke louder that words.

To my father:
Thanks for let me walk,
At places I'd never stalk,
And for the never ending support,
That grows togetherly,
With my never ending dreams.

To my brothers:
I can see future leaders,
In all sorts of ways that you are good in,
Go for it!
And make us proud of you guys.

To the skater boi I used to know:
I know you'll never come to  read this,
But I hope you'll find your way home,
And I wish you'll be guided by Him,
The way He guided me when I once broken inside,
Just like you.
We're all the same. It's just fated that I'm luckier than you.Alhamdulillah.
And guide your sister,once you've changed.
Because I've knew you,
And I'm not sure I'm gonna end up happy or not,
Seeing you that way.
The park you used to skate,
Is the park I used to play.
The lost undefined soul you're losing now,
Is just like mine a few years ago.
But I've found mine. I just need to keep fixing it. Because sometimes it tears a little bit.
And I'm just to let you know,
It's never too late to mend.

Dreams are growing,
In a way we'd like it to grow.
Don't give up if one door's closed,
Go seek for another doors,
Or perhaps you'll find a window.

alfakirah ilaLah,
10.42 p.m