Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Did You Get Your Sunshine, Honey?

In the name of Allah, the most beneficent, the most merciful

I testify that there's no God to be worshiped but Allah
And I testify that Muhammad (pbuh) is His messenger.

When Allah is all you have,
You have all you need. 
^^ Smile, dear!

This is specially written to dearly Palestinians,Syrians,Egyptians and all my brothers and sisters in Islam.
Kepada mangsa banjir di Pantai Timur dan Johor juga...
Inni, ukhtukum fil Islam.
Smile. It heals.

Did You Get Your Sunshine, Honey?

Did you get your sunshine,
When it is cold,
Too cold and fragile,
I knew you've been trying hard,
To warm your heart,
But still it is frozen and harden.

Did you get your sunshine,
When the snow is raining down outside,
And I knew you're shivering inside,
I prayed that you could breath more right,
And being hugged more tight,
Until you feel all right.

Did you get your sunshine,
When I see it outside,
I thought it's mine,
Until some times I forgot,
That you are still searching for it,
So I wish you all the best.

Did you get your sunshine, 
When you're facing your test,
And you know He won't test a slave,
If He didn't offer you paradise,
I knew you're strong.
Even stronger than I am.
I was tested by coldness,
And I guess I didn't perform well,
So once I got the warmth,
I wanna share it with you,
But I just can't.
The time hasn't come yet.

Did you get your sunshine,
It is just there,
Hidden by the white flakes
And bloody tears,
Go on. Take it. It's yours.
Since after a rainfall,
There comes a rainbow.
So after shita,
Could be Jannah?

Did you get your sunshine, Honey?
I suppose you did.
So all the best.