Saturday, 4 October 2014

Choose an 'Ismael' or be an 'Ibraheem'

In the Name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful.

I testify that there's no God to be worship but Allah
And I testify that Muhammad (s.a.w) is His messenger.

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In a moment I chose to stay away from gadgets,
And focusing on my family matters since its HOLIDAY!

But umph...Nope!
There's something I should write and share
And may this tag you along to ponder on something in this year's Eid.
Well, obviously it's not growing up if this year isn't slightly better than last year.

How old, are you...?
And how many times have you celebrate Eid Al-Adha...?
Do you know the purpose of celebrating this Eid...?
You might have listened to the Ibraheem-Ismael story very often,
But, what does it mean to you, ever...?

Well, here are some stories I'd like to share (not really share, reminding perhaps) regarding Eidul Adha.
If you can sense some 'cliche-ness' here, you may click the button '<---' , . Seriously, there's no force of keeping the reading till the last dot. But if you make it,..


It happened on my way back home, on the bus, via,
A DJ told me this,
" A sacrifice means an act of worship done SINCERELY in order to bring us closer to Allah."

Let alone who said it. Yeah. He's just a deejay. Not a religious student. Not even a preacher.
But that single sentence shot straight to my heart, left me moments to ponder on my Eidul Ada celebration. In the midst of raindrops splattered on the bus windows ,I can't sleep.

"Look at what has been said, not the one who said it." - Saidina Ali KW.

A sacrifice.

Means an act of worship.

Done sincerely.

In order to bring us.

Closer to Allah.

"And when (his son) was old enough to walk with him (Abraham) said : O my dear son, I have seen in a dream that I must sacrifice thee. So look, what thinkest thou? He said : O my father! do that which thou art commanded. Allah willing, thou shalt find me of the steadfast." 

"Then, when they had both surrendered (to Allah), and he had flung him down upon his face,"

"We called unto him : O Abraham!"

"Thou hast already fulfilled the vision. Lo! thus do we reward the good." -As Saaffat :102-105

Have you ever  think,
After a long waiting to get a child,
Then you're gifted a child.
He was the best gift you had over everything in your life.
How you'd love him so dearly, attached to him so closely,
That one day he'll be your heir, hopefully.

But all of a sudden your Lord commanded you to let him go...?
Sacrificing the child you love he most by your two bare hands...?
Seeing him dying in front of your eyes ...?
So what kind of father are you....?

Have you ever think,
As a child,
How could a father would've have the gut to sacrifice his own son...?
How could a father obey to a dream and even ask his son to render his life...?
How could a father be so heartless to slaughter his own flesh...?
And how could a child be so faithful..?
How could a child would've render his life unquestionably just to obey an order in his father's dream..?
How could a child has this kind of a pure, contented heart...?

But that was it.


A pure feeling.
A sole surrender.
A whole trust.

Ibraheem and Ismael were both love Allah more than anything.
Ibraheem and Ismael were both trying to please Allah.
Ibraheem and Ismael were both did their best to obey their Lord.
Ibraheem and Ismael were both prioritize their faith before their pride.
Ibraheemm and Ismael were both full of patience and courage.
Ibraheem and Ismael were both sincere, to get closer to Allah.

So when they know that it was an order from Allah,
No question. No procrastination.

No matter how hard it was.
No matter how hurt it was.
Order is to be obeyed.

O my dear son, I have seen in a dream that I must sacrifice thee."

"Allah willing, thou shalt find me of the steadfast.""

Those are the sweetest conversation of a couple of a faithful father and son.
The best goodbye ever.

No one's ever refused.
neither Ibraheem asked Allah to change His order,
nor Ismael doubted his father's love.
Both of them with a strong faith willingly sacrifice,
To get closer to Allah.

And indeed, Allah was never cruel.
Never burdened His slaves with burdened they can't afford to bear.
Never asked or destined something for no use.

The knife prepared to slaughter Ismael didn't work, with Allah willing.
The heart-sank slaughter never happened.
Ismael was saved.
Instead, Allah replaced him with a reward.

A reward no one could ever imagine of.

"Lo! That verily was a clear test." - As- Saaffaat :106

A test.
To test their faith, love and patience.
But both of them were never cheated by the world.
So they made it.
Victoriously. Joyously. Happy ending.

They proved they sincerity, priority and love towards Allah,
And Allah loves them too.

So the price of a sincere sacrifice solely done for the sake of Allah
was too infinity.

That was Ibraheem and Ismael. A famous tale no one should ever forget.

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So was our beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

What is it that Rasoolullah s.a.w did not sacrifice for us...?
What is it that Rasoolullah s.a.w did not give his best for his ummat...?
What is it that Rasoolullah s.a.w did not let go for the sake of Islam...?
What is it that Rasoolullah s.a.w did not deliver to convey the message of Allah...?

That man who lost his father since baby,
Lost his mother since he was a kid,
Lost his grandfather two years after that,
Lost his uncle who he loved so much,
Lost his faithful wife soon after that...

Stayed strong to convey to his ummah,
That this deen ul-Islam,
Does not stand on happiness without hardship and tears.

Sacrificed and lost everyone he loved,
To tell us that victory loves patience.

Sincerely endured all types of tests,
To prove that the price of a paradise is not easily earned.
Though it is known that Muhammad Rasoolullah is Habeebullah..

He did all those.
He had the purest of heart.
He had the toughest of test.
He was the sincerest of mankind.

Allahuma solli ala sayyidina wa habeebina wa shafeeina Muhammad.

So, if we,
I mean it, [we]
Me and you...
Look at us!

We were test, and asked Allah 'why me..?'
just yet,
We were test, and we get cheated by the world,
just still,
We were test, and we reluctant to sacrifice,
just yet,
We were test, and we gave up so easily,
just weak,

We claimed these,
Allah is our aim,
Ar-Rasool is our idol,
Al-Quran is our guidance,
Al-Jihaad is our way,
Al-Mautu fisabilillah is out highest dream.

And yet buddy,
We still refused to give up making sins,
We still prioritized our lust,
We still put our minds over the teachings,
We still doubted over His fates and orders,
We still failed to obey the rules and borders,

We did too many ma'siyah,
We enjoyed lots of jahiliyyah,
We did too little dakwah,
We defend too little tarbiyah,
Let alone of siyasah.

And yet, we expect to enter jannah...? credits ;)

" Do men think that they will be left alone on saying, We believe, and not be tried?" -Al-Ankaboot ;2

At this age, dare to ask yourself,
"What had I ever sacrifice sincerely to get closer to Allah...?"

Happy Eid-ul Adha Al Mubaarak.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Menyikapi Hujan

In the Name of Allah, the most beneficent, the most merciful.

I testify that there's no God to be worship but Allah
And I testify that Muhammad (s.a.w) is His messenger.

[credit. thanks]
" Dan Dialah yang menurunkan hujan setelah mereka berputus asa dan menyebarkan rahmatNya. Dan Dialah Maha Pelindung, Maha Terpuji." [42:28]

Sebiru lazuardi tiba-tiba memendung,
Terkesan kilau petir dan dentum guruh,
Dan langit pun segera,
Memuntahkan gugusan runtuhan hujan,

Bagaikan anak-anak kecil pasca merdeka,
Hujan dengan lebat bangganya menyimbah rata,
Mengena tanah, haiwan, manusia dan tumbuhan,
Lalu bagaimana manusia menyikapi hujan...?

Ada sesetengahnya tersengih bersyukur,
Namun banyaknya yang meratib bersungut,
Ada sesetengahnya berdoa 'Allahumma soyyiban nafi3aa'
Pun, ramainya mencari teduh di bawah kaki lima,
Ada yang menyibak sekaki payung tanda bersiaga,
Ada yang rela basah untuk menutupi air mata.

Kadangkala manusia menjadi begitu kasihan,
Dibalut dingin kesejukan,
Menjadi teroleng-oleng ditiup taufan  ringan,
Lalu di bawah teduhan,
Dia belajar mengumpul kekuatan.

Kadangkala manusia menjadi begitu berkebajikan,
Hanya dengan siaga sekaki payung pemberian,
Ingin dipayunginya sekalian manusia kebasahan.

Kadangkala manusia menjadi begitu kealpaan,
Katanya cuaca hari ini tidak baik,kerana hujan,
Padahal dahulu dia sendiri pijar dalam kemarau berpanjangan.

[credits. thanks.]

Sekitar Petaling Jaya memang basah hujan semedang seminggu dua ini.
Dan dalam itulah rencam cara manusia menyikapi hujan.
Manusia itu, termasuk saya.

[credits. thanks]