Thursday, 27 December 2012

A. B. C. are tools for da'wah...!

In the name of Allah, the most beneficent, the most merciful
I testify that there's no God to be worshiped but Allah
And I testify that Muhammad (SAW) is His messenger.

I contented that
Allah is my lord,
Islam is my way of life,
Muhammad (pbuh) is the messenger of Allah. A prophet for all humanbeing.

 I was finishing my MUET task, given by my teachers few days ago, Ahh! I can only force myself to sit straight and finish them by today.
There came my brother. Saying to me,
"Akak! Tolong sat ajaq aku. macam mana nak bagi cantik tulisan? Aku dah nak masok sekolah menegah ni."
I was stunt. Recall.= ='
"You know, last time I learned how to write better was 10 years ago. seriously. But then, tak apalah. Pi ambik buku nota. Kita mulakan dengan nama hang."
And I wrote his name on the paper, and asked him to rewrite them. He tried . and try again. and again.
"Aargh..! Tak boleh la..." I smiled. I slapped his shoulder smoothly.
"Try harder," . I can hear Justin Bieber ft Jaden Smith- Never Say Never in my cochlea.
" You know,kakak. My handwriting is the worst in my class. My teachers always complaint about that. But I can't do much to fix it."
"How did they complaint to you?"
"They said, I am such a clever boy. But my handwriting is...a little better than cakar ayam.."
"Ahha. take that as a compliment," he smiled. and tried again.
It's getting better.
"Hey lil brother. Do you know why do we need to have a nice handwriting?" He raised his eyebrows.
" Because da'wah travels thru that."
"It is...?"
"Yup. You can write and tell people whatever things that you think  they ought to know that sometimes you don't have enough courage to speak them out. You know,sometimes we're speechless. And people needs answers,"
"Ok then. If I still can't improve my handwriting, I'll be typing them all. As easy as that."
"LOL! What if you're in a place where no writing tools is provided? And da'wah is needed there..Are you still insist to type?"
"Eheh! Of course not, I'll speak then."
"What if your mad'u (audience) is a deaf?"
"Okay.Okay.I'll try this." And he continued writing.
"Hey. Da'wah travels thru writings too,"
"Just like Imam As-Syahid Hasan Al-Banna. He said this when people questioned about his love in writing."
Teachers to mujahideen
Hard to fulfill. But it worth trying.

"No matter what kind of excuses, I do love writing and I will fulfill my passion to write. If my writings are something true, Alhamdulillah. But if it's not true, Astaghfirullah. But I'm confident that even though my writings are not useful, they didn't bring harm neither. But indeed, good wills are what I hope for and only from Allah comes the truth,"

So don't give up writing.
It's your hands who spread the da'wah.
And worry no more.
Your hands got their answers in mahsyar soon.
Insha Allah.

al-fakirah ilaLah.

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