Tuesday, 7 May 2013


In the name of Allah the most beneficent, the most merciful
 I testify that there's no God to be worshiped but Allah
And I testify that Muhammad (SAW) is His messenger.

She walks passed by the classes.
And see through inside.
The recitation of Qur'an was so calming.
Such a serenity.
It was minutes before "Asr.
"Kelas STAM akan dihazafkan. Bermula tahun depan.sudah tiada kelas STAM. Kelas Agama ada 2."
That sentence.
Such a thunderstorm.
Killing her inside.
But that is it.
There's nothing she can do.

"Tak apa . Buat yang terbaik utk tahun ni!"
"Awak dah tahu? Kelas stam akan dihazafkan"
"Macam mana ni? Kelas Stam kan penerus generasi Ulama'?"
"Sedihnya. Masha Allah."

She didin't know either,
How to face this.
Yet, there's still thousands of reasons to stay.
She was given chance.
To be among the last.
Yet she's still walking.
It's been millions of steps being paced.
Yet she's not even tired.
It's been years she left her childhood.
The best moments ever.
The times she doesn't have to think much.
The times she doesn't have to care much.
The times she doesn't have to understand much.
The times she doesn't have to fight much.
The times she doesn't have to love much.
The times she doesn't have to hurt much.

She's still here, missing those best moments ever.
But there's not much time to linger on the memories,
There's nothing left to say,
There's nothing left to take,

It may be hard,
To keep on moving.
It may be hurt,
To stay on walking.
It may be cursed,
To just go and leave,
But life doesn't really tolerate with her,
Life didn't give her too many options,
She's still have to keep on walking,
Though she never knows what's waiting.

Everybody has a past,
Everybody lives the present,
Everybody deserves a future. - Anthem. Hlovate.

So she decided to move.
Go further forward.
And turn back sometimes,
Cause moving forward doesn't mean she throw,
All her yesterdays in a dustbin named sorrow.

In the name of Allah,
She's moving forward.

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