Thursday, 27 June 2013

I am a weirdo...?

In the name of Allah the most beneficent, the most merciful
I testify that there's no God to be worshiped but Allah
And I testify that Muhammad (SAW) is His messenger.

I am a weirdo
When I remember you,
And all the things you've done to me,
And please don't ask me,
Why is it so hard for me to forgive you?

I am a weirdo,
That I just can't get my head off you,
I ain't a bad omen neither I wanna hurt you,
But I just can't get your eyes through,
What did I do that hurt you so full?

I am a weirdo,
That I'm still standing here,
And do nothing for even a year,
That I choose to keep my prayer,
And stay strong to make you weaker,
But why did you push me like a liar?

I am a weirdo,
When I make myself strong enough to try,
But you said you're immune to be forgiving,
I might did wrongs but you make it hard to apologize,
So tell me please,
What should I do to let my sins washed and cried?

I am a weirdo,
When people see me,
And a peaceful picture in my face,
But if only they know,
What's really there in my vain.

I am a weirdo,
But you forgot to be thankful,
For maybe in another world,
You won't find a weirdo like me, like us.

I am weirdo,
But my greatest mistake might be true.
For I once loved you like a mother,
But actually you trash me out like I'm a sinner.
beautiful weirdo

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