Friday, 27 January 2012

Thirty-One Gaza Children Killed in Israeli Offensive in Thirty-One Days

Thirty-One Gaza Children Killed in Israeli Offensive in Thirty-One Days
The following children have been killed by Israeli military actions in Gaza since 26 June 2006: 

Anwar Isma'el Atallah, 12 years old
Saleh Sleman Al Jemasi, 16 years old
Ruwan Fareed Hajjaj, 5 years old
Khalid Nidal Abed Al Karim Wahbeh, 1 year old
Mahfouth Farid Nasseer, 15 years old
Ahmad Ghaleb Abu Amshah, 16 years old
Ahmed Fathi Odah Shabat, 16 years old
Waleed Mahmoud Al Zinati, 12 years old
Salah Adeen Hammad Abu Maktuma, 17 years old
Ibrahim Ali Khatoush, 15 years old
Mahmoud Muhammad Al Asar, 15 years old
Ibrahim Ali Al Nabaheen, 15 years old
Ahmad Abdil Mina'm Abu Hajaj, 16 years old
Nasrallah Nabil Abu Selmieh, 5 years old
Aya Nabil Abu Selmieh, 7 years old
Iman Nabil Abu Selmieh, 11 years old
Yahya Nabil Abu Selmieh, 9 years old
Huda Nabil Abu Selmieh, 13 years old
Basma Nabil Abu Selmieh, 15 years old
Sumaia Nabil Abu Selmieh, 16 years old
Raji Omar Deif Alla, 16 years old
Muhanna Sa'ed Mesleh, 16 years old
Ahmad Rawhee Abdo, 13 years old
Ali Kamil Al Najar, 13 years old
Fadwa Faisel al 'Urouqi, 13 years old
Mohammad Awad Muhra, 17 years old
Khitam Muhammad Tayeh, 11 years old
Nadee Habib Al Ataar, 11 years old
Saleh Ibrahim Nasser, 13 years old
Ashraf Abdullah Awad Abu Thaher, 14 years old
Bara' Naser Habib, 2 years old 

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They're still toddlers,schoolkids and teenagers...
But Allah's taken them to Jannah earlier...
They died in the hands of Zionists laknatullah...

If one of 'em is your son/daughter/sister/brother..What'd u do???

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