Friday, 29 March 2013

Understanding Pure Intention

In the name of Allah,the most beneficent,the most merciful
I testify that there's no God to be worshiped but Allah
And I testify that Muhammad (SAW) is His messenger.

What lies in the heart,
Even words can't describe them.

Berat mata memandang,
Berat lagi bahu memikul,
Inikan pula cuma telinga yang mendengar.

I was in the car with my father. On the way to his college , somewhere in Penang.

" I have to deal with these kids. Sometimes they easily cancel the class. We don't really have much time to cover up. The syllabus, I have to finish them all. " Suddenly my father spoke out.

"Why? They were troublesome?"

"Some of the kids, they are very good, very obedient, very committed to study..But the other some of them...They just take it for granted...I'm very disappointed with them. 48 hours is the contact hours for students with their lecturers. If it's not enough,then it wouldn't be sufficient for exam. They aren't eligible to sit for exams."

"Biasalah tu Abah..."

"These kids...we want to help them. We really want to help them. If they're really committed in studying, but when they couldn't perform well in exams, at least there's something we could do for them. But if they aren't committed..with all sorts of excuses...we couldn't help them out. Anak2 orang Melayu ni la...We (the college) really want to help our kids. Muslim kids. That's why we never really mind about fees. There's about 1 million++ fees unpaid. But as long as they want to pursue studying, we just let it be. We're not IPTA. we ddepend only on Majlis Agama Islam under the asnaf of fisabililah and PTPTN. And yet these kids still playing around...There's no other college did like we do..."

"Perhaps because they think that they pay for it..." I was trying to give out opinion.

"Yeah but still...Paying fees doesn't mean they can take it for granted. Studying is for the sake of knowledge..Not for the sake of making the fees worthy... "

"Mentality. They hardly change it, Abah."

"I hope that they'll realize how hard we've put in efforts in order to make them succeed. we just want to help them. But if they don't wanna do the same for themselves,there's nothing more we can do. Muslims,we shouldn't acted out this way. It mustn't be the same on Chinese/Indian kids in Malaysia. they really value the knowledge."

"Malays are still in the comfort zone ," I added.

After seeing, listening, and reading Abah's hardship as a lecturer..My minds were thrown back to my teachers. Yeah...Sometimes we acted out like the kids too.

Even though I have to take time understanding...
At least it worth it.

I understand, teachers.
The efforts you've been put through...
The hardship you've been went through..
The dissapointment you've to swallow...
Those of them that we're just ignore...
Those of them that we're just taking for granted..
Those of them that we're misunderstood...

But maybe,
I just can't picture them out.
Yeah, I can't tell you that I understand you through my words,
Neither my actions,
But I want you to know,
You're always valued.

I'm sorry.
I'm not sure whether I won't  hurt you anymore even when I don't realized it,
But for all misbehavior and mischievousness I have/might be created...
I'm really sorry.

last but not least,
Never the least,
Thank you.
May Allah bless you.


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